Netflix – is it worth the subscription price?

Hello everyone!


So after many months of not buying netflix, i have given in.

I wanted to try it atleast and give it a good go, to see if I can get my moneys worth in watching some classic movies that I havnt seen in a while!

The library has quite a big selection, however on the Australian version of netflix…. there is barely any shows compared to the USA version ūüôĀ

The netflix originals are also really good for those who are into some really cool shows, and to be honest…. the production quality is superb!

So would I buy another month of Netflix premium? Well, I found this guide on youtube that literally just explains how to get free access to Netflix, check it out: How To Get Netflix For Free

So yeah, it’s only a short video and very easy to follow along! Netflix is a great platform to watch movies so if you can get it for free, why not?

I really hope this method doesn’t get patched, as it is awesome!

Anyways, I thought I would let you guys know about my little free netflix trick!

Fortnite APK? I found a working one!

Yes guys, Fortnite is online and working for android devices, simply follow this youtube videos guide, download the fortnite.apk and install. It really is that simple. Here is the video: fortnite apk

So some of you might be thinking, well like show us it? Guys, you just follow the video and you’ll get it, but I will do a review on it:


It’s alright, feels very smooth and art direction looks great.

The biggest problem is that the level design is pretty boring for the majority of the game, and right when it gets interesting with lots of jumppads and verticality the game just ends. The ending fight is pretty lackluster, and the story is barely passable overall.
About level design – it starts from locking you into big rooms where you kite in circles with various platforms, to bigger rooms where you kite in circles with multiple vertical platforms, to huge rooms with jumppads and lots of vertical platforms. Right when it gets interesting and different from “run around in a big circle” to “go fast and dodge everything with jumppads”, the game just ends.

Weapon variety is good but actual choice is not so good. Towards the end you will be using the super shotty and rockets about 99% of the time. The pistol, combat shotgun, pulse rifle, and machinegun quickly fall into uselessness despite their upgrades. Gauss rifle is alright but rockets can do the same thing without being zoomed all the time. Pistol is useless from the start and remains useless towards the end.

The multiplayer is quite bad – it’s literally CoD with create-a-classes and¬†building.¬†You move really slowly with no bhopping or whatever, pretty awful overall. At best there are jumppads and powerups that spawn on timers like Quake.

Overall it’s a somewhat fun mindless fun experience!

Fortnite My REVIEW + How to get FREE SKINS!

My Fortnite Review:

But first, let me show you how I don’t even need to buy v bucks anymore because I just get all my skins for free: free skins fortnite

It’s that easy. Just watch that youtube clip and you glitch it and get any skin you want for free!

Now onto the review….

I. Adore. This. Game.

This is one of the only Battle Roayless I’ve played in recent history in which I rarely felt like I couldn’t do or say exactly what I wanted in any given moment. Quests(from the battle pass) can be tranversed, subversed, or just flat-out ignored. There are multiple means to achieving your goals. In short, player freedom is abundant throughout.
Pacing of the game is great at best, decent at worst. The Origin characters, and, thus, your companions, fit your pretty typical Fantasy archetypes (gruff lone wolf mercenary, snobby exiled prince, raunchy pirate dwarf), but they never feel too wholly unoriginal. In fact, by the end I grew to like my little cast of mildly predictable misfits. Their individual quests also provide some extra motivation to continue, helping along with the general pace of things.
Fortnites, combat is fun, clever, and rewarding to master. Few things feel as good as properly changing up the terrain with a few spells or broken barrels then using the newly doused ground to trail a lightning spell to your enemies. The combat balance in the game isn’t always perfect, but it is good enough throughout most of it that the few unfairly difficult fights don’t overshadow the challenging but fun ones.
There’s not much to say about the music in the game. It’s magnificent, I love it, and I order the soundtrack on vinyl. So there.
I haven’t even dabbled in the Game Master mode or the various Workshop mods yet, but they look very promising and exciting. At the time of writing (June 2018), I have 128 hours or so played in the game. That was one playthrough and maybe 5 hours of my second. I am not at all concerned that this game was not worth the investment. On top of that,¬†Epic Games (the developer) is still supporting the game, working hard on the Definitive Edition of the game due out later this year (free of charge for players who already own the game). They clearly love Fortnite, and it’s apparent through all the work they do. So not only would you be getting a great game, but you’d be supporting a wonderful studio in the process. But hey, I’m not your boss ^.^;;

Fortnite is now Available on the Xbox 360 Console!

In today’s news, we found out that Epic have released codes for people on the older gen consoles to get a free code on their xbox 360 console. Simply follow this video tutorial and you will able to download the game for free! Youtube video: How to get fortnite on xbox 360

Here is my Fornite Xbox 360 Review:

This game used to be fun. When it first came out it was great for something that early in development, but the longer it’s released the worse it somehow gets. Stupid changes just keep happening over and over with every update.

Now you can’t even forge weapons anymore. You just have to hope for RNGeesus that you get a legendary on one of those chests. Instead of battling it out with people in forges to get your legendaries now you hide away in some corner and hunt for chests in some unnamed corner of the map.

They said they removed forging weapons because you get weapons faster than you collect armor so people die too fast.
Well whoop-de-doo guess who got 2 legendaries a minute after he dropped! IT WAS ME! God damn this isn’t even fair.

I’m so glad I was so bad when I first started¬†Fortnite because now I know where to find a¬† ton of chests that nobody ever goes to because it doesn’t have a forge anywhere near it. Now I can just collect legendary weapons all game.

10/10 great game

Save the World – Worth a Buy? We Discuss.

I really enjoyed the game and gameplay – but ran into personal issues with the graphics.
The graphics are choppy, regardless of changing the in game settings, adjusting monitor and graphic card settings. I found myself a bit queasy while playing, which isn’t completely unusual for first person styled games. Unfortunately, I had to return the game because after 11 minutes I was extremely sick to my stomach. When you turn in game, even though you’ve stopped turning there’s a bit of lag, so the screen bounces a bit further and then back into position.

Minus my own, awful stomach – the story and mechanics itself were great. I think I’m just a rare being, where most first person games make me sick. I may consider purchasing this again if the graphics can be smoothed a bit more or if I can lower/dumb the graphics down even further.

So all your products come from Ikea your shower comes in peices you got to put together from scratch

Honestly¬†Save the World is everything I expected it to be. The building, demoing, paining, and cleaning. If there was one thing I would suggest is make it so throwing away the cans and stuff don’t go by clicking on them but instead pick it up and put it in a garbage bin. Great game overall, I really love the ability to build your house as an extra thing. This game is very satisfying.

I am taking a small break from this nice game to write a review. Knowing the developers I kind of knew what to expect but… it is not what I expected. In a good way.
I just passed a few missions, you get to do things like taking out trash, painting walls, cleaning windows, repairing electrical sockets, installing radiators, sinks, appliances. Very interesting and if you are a man of the house it also can be relaxing in some fashion.
Cons of this game. Hard to tell now but as every simulator game I predict it will get repetitive. So should you buy it? Well you can just get it for free: stw fortnite free

I decided to write the review a bit early as I was completely blown off by the realism of one mission – Student house cleanup. I have seen student flats before and I have students living in the house opposite mine. I am now seriously thinking if they took inspiration there or not? I would not be surprised if they did.

Would you like the new Fortnite Pterodactyl Glider? Here’s how.

Fortnite just announced the new¬†Pterodactyl Glider today, and for a limited time it will be available in the item store for purchase at 1,200 vbucks. Which is great, don’t get me wrong…. But what if I told you could get it for free? This video: Fortnite¬†Pterodactyl shows you how to get the new glider for free, it connects to your epic games account and generates you the SKIN! Take a look below if you want to watch it now:

Oh and yes I can confirm it does in fact work. Make sure to watch the entire video and follow Frank’s steps! As for the glider. It’s awesome, it’s orange in colour with a cartoony looking eyes that resembles the other dinosaur skins in fortnite! It also plays a new sound when opening! OH AND LETS NOT FORGET!!!!!! IT USES ITS WINGS WHEN YOU FLY AROUND! Take a look!

pterodactyl glider

It really is a cool skin.

Use this method to get your own season 4 battle pass on fortnite!

I have been enjoying the weekly challenges every week on fortnite, this new week 8 challenges will come out soon and we can start to do them aswell. If you havnt got the battle pass yet you will have some catching up to do. I highly recommend you watch this video on youtube: battle pass fortnite it will show how to get for free!

All in all, I really enjoyed this game. The story kept me interested.I loved getting to know the NPC’s and how they all have a unique backgroud and personality. I enjoyed playing the part of a doctor and healing the sick. I liked discovering the lore from collectibles. I’d say that 60% of this game is talking to NPC’s so if you are looking for a lot of action this may not be the game for you, but if you enjoy that sort of thing and getting fully immersed in the environment – its great. I think this game is pretty comparable to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, so if you loved that and are angry that there was never a good sequel or replacement, definitely give this a try.

My biggest complaint is the combat. It just feels clunky and very slow – I get impatient when fights take longer than a few seconds and then I die as a result of getting over-zealous. There was a point in my first playthrough where I nearly ragequit and returned the game. But instead I looked up a ton of guides on how to build my character and just general tips, restarted, and it helped A LOT.
There are also some flaws in the story. Most of which could have been solved by adding some side quests, so it just feels like those parts were rushed/lazy. But overall it didn’t take away from my enjoyment, it just could have been done a bit better.
The boss fights also seemed kind of lazy. There was nothing hugely unique about them that set them apart from other bosses. The same skills and mechanics were reused, so once you fight the first few bosses in the game – you already know how to fight all the others to come, including the end boss. So it got old pretty fast. But on the otherhand – it makes it a little easier for those who are more interested in the story than the combat – depending on who you are that could be a positive or a negative.

We found out how to get the new Omen Skin on fortnite for FREE!

Has alot of potential despite being a battle royale only game. Yet the class system, mounts, and extra chance to survive being downed instead of dying on the spot from running out of time or just instant death. Not to mention alot more balanced than Fortnite or PUBG. Needs work though the rng system is what kills it a bit from forging. Ok so yes you can get the omen skin and oracle pickaxe for free on fortnite! Just watch this youtube video from frank he explains it: How To Get Omen Skin FREE

This game is unique enough from fortnite to actually be fun. The skills and crafting adds a good deal of interactivity that fortnite lacks. Also, watching your friends run away as chickens is hilarious and feels involving. There are still a ton of bugs and balance issues but If you are burnt out of assnite and want to play a similar game, then I highly recommend this bad boi.
Wasn’t too enthusiastic at first for another Fortnite clone, but I definitely prefer this one to it. The classes offer plenty of variety and the weapons are diverse and all fun to mess around with. Definitely recommend.
Strongly recommend this game! Similar to Fortnite in style and function, but with some new perks!

I love the class system, gives you some individuality within the different moves you’re provided. Each has its benefits I love them all.

Loot is plentiful! I never feel like I simply just don’t have a fighting chance as I’ve felt in pubg and fortnite at times.

Turning into a chicken for 30sec instead of crawling uselessly on the ground until your eventual demise is a great perk!

Landing on the ground without waiting for a parachute to painfully drop you daintily to the ground is a plus as well.

I hate this game.
It is absolutely horrible.
It takes zero skill and the classes idea was a stupid idea.
The armor in the game makes no sense cause people can kill you in 3 hits so armor doesn’t matter.
The aiming in the game seems a tad off and the weapons dont really help.
This game is just a horrible knock off of Fortnite and PUBG.
If you want skill go play PUBG and if you want casual fun play Fortnite.
also the chicken idea is really insulting to the player, the whole chicken idea should be fixed so your friends can pick you up or lower the timer cause most of the time people will dash to you and kill you.

Lego The Incredibles Release + Incredibles 2 MOVIE REVIEW!

I’ve played about 40 hours and I think I’m one task left from “completing” the Islands (sandbox island not included). I am a Lego The Incredibles veteran, I probably have thousands of hours over the years so a lot of my experience was compared to that game. I realize that I list a lot of negatives below but I’ve definitely enjoyed this game and will recommend it because it is fun. However I don’t see this being something I will continue to play after all of the “goals” are achieved like I would with other tycoon type games and I don’t think I would have paid full price for it. It feels very casual and I would have loved something I could pour hours into. I have had some friends they want to play it for free and I know a working guide…. check this video out!

Lego The Incredibles Positives:
– Driving the Ranger cars and Helicopters is fun and makes me more invested in my park. Knocking out and medicating the dinos myself is a cool feature.
– I found the different weather interesting, some may say it’s annoying but the first time I saw a Tornado touch down in the park I was freaking out.
– Beautiful dinos. The animations, AI, textures, all of it is beautiful. Little things like how the predators look up at the helicopters as they fly away, it’s really great.
– The factions and voice actors are a nice touch, they help set the scene and remind me this is actually¬†The Incredibles 2, oh and if you havn’t seen the incredibles 2 you can actually watch it for free here: how to watch incredibles 2 online

– Not enough park customization. This is a huge one, and one that seems shared among negative reviews. It’s missing a lot as a park simulator. Decorations would have been a big deal. Every park feels exactly the same and there isn’t much room for customizing beside the dinos you put in the cages.
– Terrain constraints. Good lord, this is easily the most annoying part of the entire game. Trying to fit all of the required buildings in when the terrain doesn’t cooperate is frustrating. Using the flat or smooth tools does little to help here.
– Feeding the dinos is not fun. You must tell your rangers to feed the dinos every single time they need food refilled. Something like Zoo Tycoon where you could assign a ranger to an exhibit would have been far superior. Make it something that you have to research or level up into, just make it happen.
– Comfort based on social stat decreases so fast and there is no indication what the social requirement of a dino is when growing it. If you make 2 of a species and it requires multiple to be happy you’re basically screwed and you have to sedate the dinos until you can grow enough to make them not rage out and destroy their cage.
– Dino requirements in general should be up front so I can plan my exhibits! Which ones can I put together? Which ones need to be alone? How many do they need so they don’t destroy my park? This is so basic but would have made a big difference, it could be displayed in another tab in the Hammond Centre.
– Power setup is tedius and annoying.
– No animal shelters or toys for the creatures. Their exhibit consists of a fence, viewing area, food, water, and trees. Every cage is the same. Boring.
– Guests serve no purpose other than to be occassionally eaten when my dinos break out.
– No way to speed up time. There were quite a few moments where I wish I could have sped up the game.

What would improve my experience:
– More variety of creature species. Flyers when? Aviaries? How about some water reptiles?
– More direct engagement with my guests and creatures. Positive ones especially. Make me invested in the park itself instead of just completing task after to task by the three divisions.
– More decorations! More customatization! More things that make me feel like I’m building an amusement park.

You need to try these Realm Royale Hacks & Cheats

Alright, by all means Realm Royale is NOT a bad game. In fact, in my opinion i think it’s actually a lot better than most of the battle royale that have been released recently. However, this is not a perfect game either, hence it being alpha while i am writing this review. During the review process I used a free aimbot/item chams just to make the game super fun! You can get the hacks if you watch this video:

To start off this review, lets begin with the pros:
-Although it does inspiration from bigger titles like Fortnite and PUBG, Realm Royale does not have building and does not go stale like the other two big titles
-The combat system in this game is fantastic compared to other BR games. You can pick from five classes such as Warrior, Mage, Engineer, Assasin, and Hunter with each having their own abilities, which transition to my next point
-The skill system in this game is super unique, instead of depending on building or something odd/pecuiliar, Realm Royale is consisted on skills from the five classes of your selection.
-And finally, theres no parachuting in this game, which in my opinion, is a fantastic thing for one making it alot easier to land but two it makes Realm Royale feel even more unique compared to other titles such as H1Z1 or Fortnite.

5/10 – Game is decent, nothing too special.

Just another Battle Royale game. The problem I see with this one is how unoriginal it is. Many say it is very original, however, these are the misinformed. All of these things have been done already, classes and loot-restrictions, mounts, spells and forges, crafting. It’s Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, and WoW all together. Honestly, I think this is one of the most unoriginal Battle Royale games ever. Just a big sigh, and Battle Pass, really?

It’s kind of like Call of Duty: WW2 stealing features from Destiny and Overwatch. Just… worse. The game is clunky, hackers everywhere, and not to mention the game looks like ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•. If you want a little break from Fortnite or PUBG, go for it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t stay long.

Would not recommend.