Psoriasis Natural Remedies – An Holistic Answer to an Unnatural Problem

Ever pondered whether or not a natural psoriasis remedy could get rid of your skin condition?

It’s not strange to be wooed by holistic and homemade cures when traditional medicine hasn’t been top notch. Back when I was suffering from psoriasis, I discovered that the medicine my doctor gave me not only cost a fortune, but if I quit using it, the psoriasis got worse again. I couldn’t stop purchasing it or I wouldn’t get any relief at all!

I came to the conclusion now was the time for me to quit helping the big drug companies make a profit. The issues with the medicines they made were that it only helped the skin condition symptoms, and not whatever was causing it to happen.

Each time those companies put out another product to treat psoriasis, they realize people who suffer from it will head out and purchase it since they are going crazy wanting a cure. And guess what?

Perhaps the drug suppliers don’t even wish to put out an actual cure, and they really just want you to keep on purchasing the ones they already produce that don’t really cure psoriasis!

Homemade cures that you can make in your house are everywhere online, and you can find several with a fast look. The issues is finding one that actually works for you , because the things that work for some people, won’t work on someone else.

What I discovered that worked the best for me, was finding out the main cause of the condition. That main cause was that my immune system was being attacked by chemical toxins and so it malfunctioned and began making too many skin cells. All of these are toxins that are in our air and in our food stuffs.

I wasn’t able to help the problems with the air pollution, but I could change what I ate. I began to eat more fresh produce and less process foods and I also got organic food when possible. That is something I firmly believe is a key reason in how I was able to use the different types of holistic cures and once and for all rid myself of this horrible condition.

Another remedy you could also try is natural psoriasis creams, they use natural and organic ingredients to enrich the skin with potent herbs and oils to try to reduce the inflammation on the skin! I have tried these before and they do work, however sometimes they are expensive and sometimes may take a while to see the full effect!

I hope you have learned something today 🙂


Maintain a Healthy Glowing Skin

People are becoming more beauty conscious. A glowing, fresh and healthy skin is what all men and women desires and admires. A dream cherished by all, paying more attention to skin care will help in maintaining the proper charm and look.
In skin care, it is always better to know the type of skin that you have. Normal skin, which has a good balance of oil and moisture, reflects a healthy skin and needs only less treatment. Dry skin, prone to wrinkles, gives a dry appearance and oily skinned people will have a greasy appearance. Then there is the combination skin, a combination of oily and dry skin. But each skin type needs different care and treatment.

People with dry skin should use moisturiser creams and lotions during the day and night, which helps in maintaining moisture thorough out the day. It is better for a person with oily skin to cleanse twice or thrice to get back the glow. A person with a Combined Skin should always take the pains to take care of the oily and dry parts.

Whatever type of skin you have, it is cleanliness that goes a long way in maintaining a proper healthy skin. A balanced diet with vitamins and nutrients, bathing in water mixed with lime, oils and bath salts, cleansing the skin regularly and steaming helps in getting back the charm and glow of the skin.

Regular cleansing of the skin rinse away the dust and other impurities. Always use a mild face wash to cleanse the face twice daily. Toning also helps in maintaining a healthy skin. The toners help in removing any unwarranted particles that might have been left after cleansing and also helps in closing the Skin pores.

Removing dead cells is another important aspect that goes into maintaining a healthy skin. Exfoliating helps in removing the unwanted dead cells. Hydration also helps in keeping the skins healthy.

Talking of vitamins and nutrients, the Vitamin E enhances skin beauty. Even dermatologists prescribe Vitamin E and one can see that almost all the cosmetic products have Vitamin E.

In the market, you can come across dozens of cosmetic products that promise a glowing, charming and healthy skin. It is always better to choose quality skin care products and cosmetics according to your skin type.

A healthy skin is also means a healthy body. Keep the skin healthy; get the charm of your life.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Most people are unhappy with a shine look. Dealing with an oily skin becomes challenging because of the general tendency to overly washing it, which in fact, only stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands that creates oiliness in the first place.
In order to treat the condition we have to understand its causes; hormonal imbalance is at the root of the problem that will stimulate the overproduction of sebaceous activity.

In addition to the unpleasant aspect of shininess, an oily skin has other, even more inconvenient disadvantages; one of them is the increased probability of getting blackheads and blemishes.

When the sebum gets trapped into the pores and can’t find its way to the surface the clogging begins. Blackheads are formed by the oxidation of the oil trapped into a pore whose shape has been altered by the hardening of the sebum. The consequence will be the enlargement of the pores, characteristic of oily skin.

In dealing with the oiliness of skin, home remedies are plenty; they are easy to use and inexpensive. Most importantly they are truly natural and the proof is that you make it yourself using your refrigerator or supermarket as a source.

Cleansing: this important step could be easily accomplished by mixing tomato juice with buttermilk (tomatoes contain salicylic acid and buttermilk is rich in lactic acid. Both will have a beneficial effect on cleaning and reshaping the pores, avoiding the trapping of sebum). Whole milk is also a cleaning agent that will remove impurities without creating dehydration. It is important not to overdo the cleaning process since it can stimulate more oil production defeating the initial purpose.

Toning: rather than using any alcohol base astringents, a simple mixture of fresh cucumber juice and apple vinegar will solve the rebalancing of the natural acidity of the skin’s mantel. The recommended proportions of this natural toner are 3 parts distilled water to 1 part mixture. Also a proven method of diminishing the oily aspect of skin is the use of a light chamomile solution which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. A mixture of baking soda and distilled water to which a few drops of lemon or lime juice is added will also make a good toner.

Exfoliation: in order to remove the accumulation of dead cells on the top layer of the skin, papaya is the most effective natural enzyme. It will accomplish the desired results of dissolving skin debris without creating irritation and inflammation. Another excellent way to exfoliate is the use of cornmeal or oatmeal mixed with the white of an egg (bit the egg white and add cornmeal until obtaining a paste and use upward circular motions). This mixture should not be used when breakouts are present as it could spread bacteria and aggravate an acne condition.

Moisturizing an oily skin could be tricky. The best alternative is using honey, (the most powerful anti-dehydrator) which also has moisturizing abilities and a proven anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In the same category aloe vera (from a home grown plant) will ensure the beneficial natural moisture without adding to the oiliness of the skin. Yogurt will also replenish the skin because of its lactic acid content that will provide an immediate relief through its calming properties.

Nourishing an oily skin is just as important as avoiding dehydration and the possibilities are almost infinite. All acid fruit can make an effective mask when mixed with either honey or baking soda. The anti-oxidant properties of fruit will give a new radiance to the skin and diminishes the shiny aspect. Depending on the condition of individual skin such masks could be used 2 to 3 times a week and the effect will be not only instantly visible, but also a long time solution for keeping the production of sebaceous glands under control.

Finally the last step is make-up that will not add to the lipid production and create a shine appearance. Milk of magnesia spread evenly in a thin layer will absorb the excess oil and will allow the use of foundation followed by a loose powder, preferably one that is rice based.

When treating an oily skin special attention should be used in avoiding additional problems caused by excessive cleaning and scrubbing which will only aggravate the condition and will contribute to the superficial dehydration that keeps the sebum trapped inside the pores, even trying a natural body wash for eczema could be useful!

As with every other skin routine moderation is a must. Natural remedies will take more time to accomplish the desired effect, but in the end, they will be more beneficial for the wellbeing of a balanced and healthy skin.

Most of the cosmetic products available are designed for so called “spectacular results” and “immediate solutions” without addressing the long term effects of excessively drying the skin. They may claim “natural ingredients“, but please keep in mind that the chemical process of extracting such ingredients as well as the chemical preservatives used in order to obtain any cosmetic product will kill the beneficial properties of whatever nature itself could bring to us in terms of healing remedies.