My Minecraft review in 2018 + MCPE!

Minecraft is a game where you can lose track of time and spend countless hours hitting trees with your barehands in order to create tools to assist you on your adventure in its ever-expansive world. In the open-world sandbox video game, created by Swedish developer Notch, creating and designing were just the beginning for many children and adults gaining interest in the game.

At a young age personally, I was constantly urged by my artistic side to design and create bigger and better things and minecraft was challenging me constantly with its strangely unique aesthetic of design and colors. I found myself spending countless hours after school creating buildings from different era, for example i can still recall creating a Japanese Samurai house, which was funnily enough blown up and destroyed with TNT by the very same people i call “friends” today. But that’s just what made Minecraft amazing, not only did it allow you to get lost by designing whatever you wanted in its colorful and simplistic world, but it also allowed me and millions of others to gain a bond and friendship with the many others that play the game today.

The best way to play minecraft nowadays is on android & iphone! It’s super fun, you can play at anytime your on the bus or in the car! It has all the features of the normal minecraft but just in a pocket edition! It even has multiplayer servers which you and your friends can play on the same servers! There are lots of mods available for the pocket edition too! I think it costs like $8.99 in the app store, but it is so worth it!

I was constantly finding and learning new things, it seemed like i had an endless amount of possibilities. After every new patch, they would introduce something new for me and my friends to play around with. I found these amazing cheasts and hacks for MCPE too…. it works remotely online, you should really check out this mcpe hack!

Garry’s Mod – The Review (& How I got it for FREE!)

On steam, this is one of the highest value games. Buying Garry’s Mod isn’t just buying Gmod. You’re buying TTT, Prop Hunt, H&S, DarkRp, etc. It also helps that these game modes all have an insane amount of replay ability. It’s hard to be disappointed when there’s so much you can do!

Get M9K 4 weapon packs, get a gm_Bay map, have a nice PVP.
My close friend got 2 copies.
We didn’t build much, 90% of time we just were busy sniping, knifing, light-sabering each other.

I would definitely recommend Garry’s Mod for playing in coop as it’s fun to do weird stuff together, but it is good for solo gaming too. Building, killing, racind, bhop, pvp, different gamemodes and lots of maps, addons.
Been playing it for almost 6-8 years now, it will never get old.

Garry’s Mod is a good place to start with and it’s only 10$.
Developers, modders and Garry himself are doing a great job.
Can’t wait to see S&box (another Garry’s project, people call it Garry’s Mod 2).

Overall, This is an amazing game, if this never existed. Sandbox games would have gone extinct. Everyone saying that people are toxic and are the one fault with Garry’s Mod. Are people the game? No they play it. If you’re reviewing the game, Don’t complain about the people. Do you say “I don’t like real life because of people” No. And if you do your either really bad at trying to be that one funny edgy kid or you need help. I don’t know what this review has turned into…. I’m sorry… Buy this game, or get it for free off ryzatv… watch his video here: garrys mod free!