Should you try Injustice 2 in 2018? Or is just a cash grab?


Injustice 2 is fighting game heavely focused on the its story. It envolves a terrible multidimensionmal crisis surrounding most of the DC comics heroes and villains, such as Super Man, Batman, Super girl, Green Lantern. and others. The plot starts with the arrival of Super Girl on earth and the discovery that the same destructive force that destroided Krypton years ago in now intenting to destroy earth itself.
The heroes are still divided by the feud created by batman and superman man, where batman thinks its not correct and is a crime to kill people, even if they are criminals. Superman, on the other hand, thinks that some crimes are far to terrible to recieve redemptioin, and that the criminal must be execulted altright. Thus, with the justice league broken in two, they have to face the graetest threat that mankind has ever faced: Brainiac


The gamplay is pretty much a mix between Mortal Kombat with some street fighter motions here and there. Be awear that, as in previous game, zoning and ranged attacks are far too powerful in this game and learning how to use them and how to avoided them is a core feature if you want to play online.

Overall, its a pretty much solid fighter, with a superb story mode and good fighting mechanics. Recommenced for both people who play fighters regularly and to people who are just fans of DC comics in general; Definitely worth a buy, however you can get it for free from this guy: how to get injustice 2 free!

I give it 4.4/5.0

MY Far Cry 5 Review (Steam pc/xbox/ps4)

I’m a big fan of the Far Cry series and Far Cry 5 succeeded in progressing the series to a fantastic level of quality. I highly recommend that you play this game because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best games ever made.
FC5 is an immersive open world experience, explore it with your friends or play alone. Awesome game, its like Far Cry 3, except it has more new features. It is a pretty cool game, my friend and I enjoy playing it.

-Beautiful Landscapes
‘Beautiful graphics (Playing on MAX)
-Smarter AI from their prev. game
-Play user-made maps/missions
-Literally has 0 bugs (I did notice some, but they are not gamebreaking)
-Decent Story

– It’s FREE!!!! Source: (Farcry 5 Free)

Basically, if you enjoy adventure games with your buddies, buy this.

-You cant play coop on main story, but you still have ton of stuff to do in coop, such as (side missions, assemble towers, mess around, help defend outposts, take outposts, defeat fortresses, hunt, race, learn new moves, rob armory trucks, kill couriers, save hostages, help people, do assasination missions, so on so forth

Now what my friend and I like to do, is play main missions at the same time so we get the exact same unlocks, etc, etc.

I might’ve not played that long, but this thing is a freakin beast. Recommending it to everyone

I debated whether or not to buy this game for a long while now. Honestly, I didn’t miss much. It’s your typical run-of-the-mill FPS: shoot bad guys, get shot, survive long enough to beat game. Nothing special here. I have a GTX 1080, so I know I can run games at the highest settings, but this game looks horrible. The textures look like something from a PS3 game. Yeah, I get that the game is slightly dated, but c’mon, I’ve seen better in games from around the same year of release and older. Just sayin’. Ubisoft used to be pretty decent. Lately, however, they’ve lost their touch. I recommend Tom Clancy’s Wildlands over this, it’s one of their better titles.

Ni No Kuni 2 PS4 – Should you buy it?

This is overall a really good game, I have played lots of RPG’s and this is one of those that stays in your memory.


– Excellent artwork
– Amazing soundtrack and voice acting
– Lots of details
– Well written dialogues
– Companions are useful and interesting


– Last act looks a bit too rushed
– Minor bugs, probably fixed by now
– Crafting feels unfinished in some recipes but it is pretty extense


Ni no Kuni 2 has amazing artwork and an outstanding amount of details that you just can’t overlook.

The dialogue is another thing that is really well written, it contains easter eggs, fun jokes and serious or sensitive
lines that will hit you, that goes hand in hand with the voice acting and sound track.

The story stays consistent and it is well made, no matter your choices you won’t see a decrease in quality
(I had several saves).

As a bad point I can say the last act looks and feels a bit rushed.
Also I have encountered several tiny bugs, but they didn’t really trouble me while playing.

The crafting part to me looks lacking, I had several things that couldn’t find on any wiki, reddit or similar how to use them or they were kind of useless.
I was not really fond of the armor design (some looked too huge, or they had outstanding stats and looked like plain clothes), or the fact that you have dyes but cannot change the armour color in any way, but maybe that’s planned (?).

So my final review is really positive over all of the cons I found, I think It’s still worth playing 100%. You can even get it for free: How to get Ni no Kuni 2: revenant kingdom FREE!