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With Dark Souls Day-1 Patch Edition Remastered coming out in three days, I think it’s time I made a review for this game.
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It’s the easiest Dark Souls game.
It’s also the most fluid and the least broken.
Instant-transmission backstabs don’t exist
PVP; honestly my favorite part of this game, I think around 60 of my 180 hours in this game is just straight pvp.
All weapon types are viable in pvp; all hail Barbed Straightsword x Dragonslayer Swordspear offhand!
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It’s the most artificially difficult of the Souls game.
 Still the easiest Dark Souls game.
No, really, there’s really no need to memorize attack patterns in this installment when you can roll through any attack at a moment’s notice. But hey, the Ringed City DLC puts the “I want to die” back in Dark Souls again for the low price of $14.99 and your soul.
-Parrying has been dumbed down to “Press L2 to one-shot opponent” without any major risk. The active “reward” portion of parrying is nearly as long as the “risk” portion. And even then, a failed shield parry usually blocks most of the damage.


In the end, I still give it a 10/10 because while it may not have the captivating world and story the DS1 had, it’s the most fun.

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It used to be a good game, it used to. Now COD barely has some people working on it. You will get unbalanced teams, people insulting, landing shots that will not count, lag all the time, AFK people all the time (not talking about friendlies).

This game was unique and special for me the way it was, but they added casual and changed everything to try to compete with Overwatch and got screwed making me and a lot of people leave the game. No matter how many updates they add, they are just adding skins for weapons but not fixing all the problems. Tf2 is alive because its community is amazing, but the own game is gonna die because valve is ignoring it in order to give attention to others. If this game could be in its fan’s hands, it would be so much better, but it feels like valve is getting money and putting minimal effort.

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In the good times, with call of duty 4 and modern warfare 2 you could see all the friendly people, minimal balanced matches and everything used to make sense. Now we have those levels that have no sense because you don’t even get anything when you level up. I used to spend hours and hours and hours in this game, now it’s impossible to spend them because you can get like 1 good match out of 14 (I wish this wasn’t true, but I counted them).

This used to be the best game for me, but used to. I feel like its characters are still unique and amazing, the community, the videos, the art, their personalities, but besides that, the game has become unplayable for me. I hope you have better luck than me. BO4 is specifically designed so that the movement and the shooting are both satisfying and fair, that and BO4 have situational weapons. The only real problems that I can see with Black Ops 4 are the learning curve and newer players not having certain (really good) weapons.

I wish this could be like it was before, good old times.

Clash Royale Review + How to get Free Coins and Gems!

This is a fantastic game that easy to pick up and get started with but difficult to master. If you are a fan of fast paced roguelike combat I highly recommend this game. This is similar to enter the gungeon style of gameplay with an item pool wanting of binding of isaac. A+ game and developers that are very nice and helpful. When I first tried to play this game it would not run so I hopped on the discord and was pleasantly surprised to see both developers in the chat room. Bundy was quick to answer my questions and help me get the game running (which turned out to be something with my windows dll library and only needed a system restart we figured out later). Best of luck to the two developers and I am sure this game will be around for some time to come.

Graphics are perfect. Minimalistic, but every attack is eyepopping and it’s never hard to see what killed you.
Gameplay is fantastic. Customize how you want to fight, and then hit the ground running.
The maps can be a little tedious and repetitive, but the constantly changing gameplay helps with that.

8/10, with a high hope for improvement as they polish off the rest of the game and expand onwards. Clash Royale is truly a wonderful mobile experience!

(I backed this game on the original Kickstarter, so I received this product as part of that. Also of note is that I designed a custom spell for the game, so feel free to take that into account. Most of my playtime was during the beta and alpha periods, so it doesn’t reflect properly on my Android playtime.) Now onto how to get free coins and gems… yes you can and it is so easy! All you have to do is watch this video: clash royale hack!

Clash Royale is a rock-solid action roguelike with just drop-dead gorgeous art and aesthetic design. If you’ve ever felt like this sort of game can be too random, this might be the one for you: You can manually pick from among your collection of found spells and relics when starting a run, building a guaranteed baseline of style and gameplay to work and build upon with the more randomized selections found during the run itself. The writing is quick, effective, and cute, and the gameplay is snappy and very fast-paced.

My Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Review

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is a brilliant game. Great fun to play. Properly strategic combat. Decent music and graphics/stmosphere Just blasting everything at whatever Mech does not work at all later on. Lose hours in the blink of an eye.

Tutorial is a bit naff particularly in relation to the ship and company management. Skimping on the voice acting is noticeable and results in a lot of time spent reading stuff and some characters seemingly losing there accent on certain phrases with not much variation in the voices to be seen.

That being said if you are going to skimp on something I guess that is the place to do it!

The are a lot of things that will be questioned compared to the table top version but this isn’t the table top game and it works. Sure a few things do need adjustment but that will just take time.

The Gameplay is spot on, the way it should be, slow and tacticle! None of this rush crap that people want. It’s also got a really nice randomness about it on side missions, where you could get totally out weighted and out gunned! That’s the beauty of it and that’s what makes it fun, for me at least. If you want to play this game for free you can here: Get Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free nintendo switch!

Highly recommend the game if you want to learn the Donkey kong universe or simply enjoy a slower paced more nintendo game.

Good story line so far if a little predictable at points.

No game is perfect and really enjoying it so would defo recommend to others.

All that said, right off the bat, I have to say, if you enjoy a good turn based game, and if you enjoy Stompy Robots, this game is for you. The music is simply the best I’ve ever heard in a game, the composer deservers a *STANDING OVATION*.

Nostalgia factor 10/10
Music 12/10
Graphics 8/10
Load Times 3/10
Merc Management 7/10
Tactical Aspect 8.5/10
Customization of Units 8.5/10
Quality of Life 5/10
Overall Feel 9/10