Ark is a great game and i’ve been playing it on xbox since early development. I have only just switched to pc and yet my experiences haven’t changed. The concept of ark is a great one because it isn’t just another survival game. It is a new fresh experience to anyone who is willing to try it. The rinse and repeat process of ark makes it a very fun concept ,although this concept applies to more games than just ark. It involves the rinse and repeat cycle that i admire it means you can never be too good. And the dlc that this game offers isn’t just a new map its a whole new experience for example Scorched Earth has many new aspects that if you don’t learn means that you will be in trouble. These would include the fact of electric storms that could hit and leave you defenseless if your not prepared and there are ways to work around it. And i haven’t even got into abberation. Although this is a awesome game that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its flaws one such being the transfer system although i like the fact of transferring characters the idea of transferring items and animals is flawed and many have taken advantage of that and are alphas on not just one but probably 2 or 3 servers. But there is a work around cause of the fact that you can play servers made by the community and most of the times there will be a fair system. This is not even mentioning the fact that this game can be played on pve for a more friendly community or the fact that you can have mods to make single player a fun experience and then there is primitive plus which gets rid of the use of high tech weapons. And although this game can be harsh it just adds to the experience cause if you got to be the best straight away it wouldn’t make a fun experience. Overall i would recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played it and if not watch some videos before starting the game. If do look at buying ark on steam, i would first check out this video on ark free 2018.