My God of War Review 2018 Review

God of War is irritating. For every incredible idea or moment of true greatness there is a slog of trudging to a destination to kill 10 dudes or grab three packages. For every attempt at spinning a yarn about a crazy, Himalayan country where adventure and danger are around every corner there is some lame joke to make everyone and everything about the world seem stupid.

You’re gonna buy it anyway. The parts that are great, it nails, but this formula is degenerating despite a LOT of talent going into this to try to keep it on life support.

Make no mistake, people who disparage God of War as just a clone of 3 are right, and yet missing the point. There is a lot of fun here and a lot of honest, original improvements. But all of the most banal bits of God of War are most certainly here intact and in every excruciating detail.

EDIT: Also Amita vs Sabal is the easiest moral choice in the history of gaming. Sabal does literally nothing wrong all game.

Bland and uninspiring with a huge map with a bunch of diharrea collectibles everywhere. Feel no consequences or empathy as your american teen boi joins a civil war with nary and afterthought.

Great game with a decent backstory and a solid flow. If you’re familiar with the God of War series of games, you’ll be in familiar territory here. Very enjoyable. Fantastic easy to use UI, and game mechanics. The multiple takedowns are especially well done.  This game truly is good, if you want to support the developers you should buy the game, however you can get god of war for free by following this guys video on youtube!

I do have a few gripes, however. If the game is based in India, why do all the characters look chinese? Why are there so few Indian accents? It’s almost as though they reused assets from prior games. Definitely breaks the flow.
The side missions are a lot of fun, but I wish they had more of an impact on the overall game in terms of unlockables and support from the locals. Supply missions should give Golden Path members better weapons, and Pagan’s wrath and Royal Cargo missions should take away enemy weapons making them easier. Hunting and hostage rescue missions should increase the number of Golden Path on the map, and Assassination and Propaganda missions should decrease the number of enemies.

Similarly, there’s plenty of room for unlockable weapons through side missions. Many of the weapons unlock towards the very end of the game, decreasing their usefulness. And based on the sheer number of collectables, I think there should have been more development there. I also think there should have been some reward gear for fully unlocking all collectables of a certain type. Maybe an item or skill that automatically tags all enemies that shoot at you, or a reinforced body armor that takes double damage. If all animal challenges are completed, maybe a skill or item that nullifies eagle attacks, or makes all animals passive unless attacked first. Lots of room for innovation here that would incentivize collectables and challenges.


Our Yakuza 6 PS4 Review

God deems this game glorious.
Thy will not wait for the sequel!
Thy will force the feeble peasants to labour on the sequel!
Both fun and boring in equal measure. I can’t believe the stuff it expects me to play/grind for too. I have to spend to respec my characters unless I buy a $10 DLC? For just jumping in and fighting, it’s not much fun for a novice either as everything is the special moves. You can’t button mash like at all. Yakuza 6 just launched today and while I do like it, i think it could improve.

Yakuza 6 is one of the most engaging fighting game I’ve experienced in a while, which surprises me even more considering I had no interest in the game in the first place. At the time of this review I only have 8 hours played, but it’s been a fun ride.
If you liked the first yakuza’s, this one’s definitely a step up. Has a larger roster, the loot/inventory system felt weird at first, I didn’t like it considering you kind of have to mix and match gear that might not look well together, but the system’s grown on me. Overall, I’d definitely recommend the game. Maybe not at the current price, considering it’s a pretty steep one, but on sale it’s definitely worth it. This game is pretty cool. I’m a big fan of the original yakuza’s, and mortal kombat X, so I decided to pick this game up. The characters play really nice, the mother boxes (this game’s loot boxes) are fair, the gear system is a neat idea (although not taken advantage of fully), and the stages are pretty decent overall. It’s a lot of fun to just do single-player. The multiplayer is pretty much dead… and local couch play is kind of out of the question since only one player will be able to use equipment. Plus, I don’t think NetherRealm is going to listen to us. It’s been this long and they’ve done nothing so… You should try this guys video…. he gets yakuza 6 free on ps4!

Give or take 8/10 if I gotta slap it on a scale.

Should you try Injustice 2 in 2018? Or is just a cash grab?


Injustice 2 is fighting game heavely focused on the its story. It envolves a terrible multidimensionmal crisis surrounding most of the DC comics heroes and villains, such as Super Man, Batman, Super girl, Green Lantern. and others. The plot starts with the arrival of Super Girl on earth and the discovery that the same destructive force that destroided Krypton years ago in now intenting to destroy earth itself.
The heroes are still divided by the feud created by batman and superman man, where batman thinks its not correct and is a crime to kill people, even if they are criminals. Superman, on the other hand, thinks that some crimes are far to terrible to recieve redemptioin, and that the criminal must be execulted altright. Thus, with the justice league broken in two, they have to face the graetest threat that mankind has ever faced: Brainiac


The gamplay is pretty much a mix between Mortal Kombat with some street fighter motions here and there. Be awear that, as in previous game, zoning and ranged attacks are far too powerful in this game and learning how to use them and how to avoided them is a core feature if you want to play online.

Overall, its a pretty much solid fighter, with a superb story mode and good fighting mechanics. Recommenced for both people who play fighters regularly and to people who are just fans of DC comics in general; Definitely worth a buy, however you can get it for free from this guy: how to get injustice 2 free!

I give it 4.4/5.0

MY Far Cry 5 Review (Steam pc/xbox/ps4)

I’m a big fan of the Far Cry series and Far Cry 5 succeeded in progressing the series to a fantastic level of quality. I highly recommend that you play this game because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best games ever made.
FC5 is an immersive open world experience, explore it with your friends or play alone. Awesome game, its like Far Cry 3, except it has more new features. It is a pretty cool game, my friend and I enjoy playing it.

-Beautiful Landscapes
‘Beautiful graphics (Playing on MAX)
-Smarter AI from their prev. game
-Play user-made maps/missions
-Literally has 0 bugs (I did notice some, but they are not gamebreaking)
-Decent Story

– It’s FREE!!!! Source: (Farcry 5 Free)

Basically, if you enjoy adventure games with your buddies, buy this.

-You cant play coop on main story, but you still have ton of stuff to do in coop, such as (side missions, assemble towers, mess around, help defend outposts, take outposts, defeat fortresses, hunt, race, learn new moves, rob armory trucks, kill couriers, save hostages, help people, do assasination missions, so on so forth

Now what my friend and I like to do, is play main missions at the same time so we get the exact same unlocks, etc, etc.

I might’ve not played that long, but this thing is a freakin beast. Recommending it to everyone

I debated whether or not to buy this game for a long while now. Honestly, I didn’t miss much. It’s your typical run-of-the-mill FPS: shoot bad guys, get shot, survive long enough to beat game. Nothing special here. I have a GTX 1080, so I know I can run games at the highest settings, but this game looks horrible. The textures look like something from a PS3 game. Yeah, I get that the game is slightly dated, but c’mon, I’ve seen better in games from around the same year of release and older. Just sayin’. Ubisoft used to be pretty decent. Lately, however, they’ve lost their touch. I recommend Tom Clancy’s Wildlands over this, it’s one of their better titles.

Ni No Kuni 2 PS4 – Should you buy it?

This is overall a really good game, I have played lots of RPG’s and this is one of those that stays in your memory.


– Excellent artwork
– Amazing soundtrack and voice acting
– Lots of details
– Well written dialogues
– Companions are useful and interesting


– Last act looks a bit too rushed
– Minor bugs, probably fixed by now
– Crafting feels unfinished in some recipes but it is pretty extense


Ni no Kuni 2 has amazing artwork and an outstanding amount of details that you just can’t overlook.

The dialogue is another thing that is really well written, it contains easter eggs, fun jokes and serious or sensitive
lines that will hit you, that goes hand in hand with the voice acting and sound track.

The story stays consistent and it is well made, no matter your choices you won’t see a decrease in quality
(I had several saves).

As a bad point I can say the last act looks and feels a bit rushed.
Also I have encountered several tiny bugs, but they didn’t really trouble me while playing.

The crafting part to me looks lacking, I had several things that couldn’t find on any wiki, reddit or similar how to use them or they were kind of useless.
I was not really fond of the armor design (some looked too huge, or they had outstanding stats and looked like plain clothes), or the fact that you have dyes but cannot change the armour color in any way, but maybe that’s planned (?).

So my final review is really positive over all of the cons I found, I think It’s still worth playing 100%. You can even get it for free: How to get Ni no Kuni 2: revenant kingdom FREE!

My Minecraft review in 2018 + MCPE!

Minecraft is a game where you can lose track of time and spend countless hours hitting trees with your barehands in order to create tools to assist you on your adventure in its ever-expansive world. In the open-world sandbox video game, created by Swedish developer Notch, creating and designing were just the beginning for many children and adults gaining interest in the game.

At a young age personally, I was constantly urged by my artistic side to design and create bigger and better things and minecraft was challenging me constantly with its strangely unique aesthetic of design and colors. I found myself spending countless hours after school creating buildings from different era, for example i can still recall creating a Japanese Samurai house, which was funnily enough blown up and destroyed with TNT by the very same people i call “friends” today. But that’s just what made Minecraft amazing, not only did it allow you to get lost by designing whatever you wanted in its colorful and simplistic world, but it also allowed me and millions of others to gain a bond and friendship with the many others that play the game today.

The best way to play minecraft nowadays is on android & iphone! It’s super fun, you can play at anytime your on the bus or in the car! It has all the features of the normal minecraft but just in a pocket edition! It even has multiplayer servers which you and your friends can play on the same servers! There are lots of mods available for the pocket edition too! I think it costs like $8.99 in the app store, but it is so worth it!

I was constantly finding and learning new things, it seemed like i had an endless amount of possibilities. After every new patch, they would introduce something new for me and my friends to play around with. I found these amazing cheasts and hacks for MCPE too…. it works remotely online, you should really check out this mcpe hack!

Garry’s Mod – The Review (& How I got it for FREE!)

On steam, this is one of the highest value games. Buying Garry’s Mod isn’t just buying Gmod. You’re buying TTT, Prop Hunt, H&S, DarkRp, etc. It also helps that these game modes all have an insane amount of replay ability. It’s hard to be disappointed when there’s so much you can do!

Get M9K 4 weapon packs, get a gm_Bay map, have a nice PVP.
My close friend got 2 copies.
We didn’t build much, 90% of time we just were busy sniping, knifing, light-sabering each other.

I would definitely recommend Garry’s Mod for playing in coop as it’s fun to do weird stuff together, but it is good for solo gaming too. Building, killing, racind, bhop, pvp, different gamemodes and lots of maps, addons.
Been playing it for almost 6-8 years now, it will never get old.

Garry’s Mod is a good place to start with and it’s only 10$.
Developers, modders and Garry himself are doing a great job.
Can’t wait to see S&box (another Garry’s project, people call it Garry’s Mod 2).

Overall, This is an amazing game, if this never existed. Sandbox games would have gone extinct. Everyone saying that people are toxic and are the one fault with Garry’s Mod. Are people the game? No they play it. If you’re reviewing the game, Don’t complain about the people. Do you say “I don’t like real life because of people” No. And if you do your either really bad at trying to be that one funny edgy kid or you need help. I don’t know what this review has turned into…. I’m sorry… Buy this game, or get it for free off ryzatv… watch his video here: garrys mod free!

My sims 4 review [WARNING INDEPTH]

[Spoiler-free] I’m writing this review after four hours of gameplay and from the perspective of someone who’s been living under a rock for the past decade and has never played a sims game before.

Overall, I’m enjoying it. I was fortunate enough to spend several years in India, and have travelled widely throughout India and Nepal. The attention to detail in the game world is phenomenal. It’s clear the designers have done their homework – it really does feel a lot like the region. I can speak Hindi, and it’s quite nice seeing signs and what not in Hindi in a computer game (though obviously it won’t affect your enjoyment if you don’t).

The gameplay mechanics are fun and, for the most part, intuitive. As I said earlier, I’ve never played a sims game before, so I’m going into this not knowing what’s new and what isn’t. There have been few points where I’ve been unclear on what I’m supposed to do or how I’m supposed to do it. The open world is fun to explore and easy to get around with a variety of vehicles, including a rather awkward microlite, which lends itself to come beautiful mountain views.

Voice acting and dialogue is good. I have found that at the default settings, quite a lot of the dialogue is hard to hear over the music and sound effects, so I’ve manually adjusted this. It is well written, and the villain feels suitably realistic and makes for an effective nemesis. You have two main allies, and they are interesting characters whose goals are the same, but their strategies radically different. You will find yourself helping one more than the other, adding an RPG element.

Guns and other weapons feel weighty, so the action is flows properly and you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something. A criticism is that your weapon inventory is a bit confusing. It took me a while to realise that I could drop a weapon and it would still be safe, turning up in the safehouse.

Crafting is weird. You can craft various potions (called ‘syringes’), and you’ll never use them other than for healing. More useful are crafting various bags and holsters to expand your inventory, and this all requires you use materials you find in in the wild. It doesn’t make any sense. For some reason you require deer skin for one item and monkey skin for another (and other skins for other things). Why? It’s really tedious having to hunt some wolves or monkeys or deer or whatever just to get the right hides for crafting. Realistically, does it really make any difference?

A major criticism is the seemingly simple task of saving. I’ve not figured this out at all. Pausing gives you to the save option, which is easy enough, but I find that I’ll still respawn at a previous checkpoint if I die (i.e. not where I last saved the game). This can cause you to waste a lot of time. You can be running around doing stuff, only to get killed by an unlucky crash or something, and respawn miles away and wasting all your progress. For the life of me I can’t figure out why the designers didn’t incorporate a quick save. Would that have been difficult? I’m hoping there’s a mod for this somewhere out there.

You can’t save in missions. This is a pain, and it wastes time. For example, very early on in the campaign you’re tasked with taking out a wolf den. The checkpoint is a little walk from the den. You have to sneak up on the wolves and kill them, then there’s plenty of looting to be done. You then have to enter the den and destroy it. I killed myself by standing too close to the supports, so I had to redo it and killed myself again, even though I was standing further away. Third time lucky, but it took me a lot longer to complete than it should have done.

Another major criticism is EA – I hate the fact I have it on my computer for sims 4 and Assassins Creed. I already had it because I’ve played AC, but if you don’t it will make you download it and register for an account. It’s invasive and I can’t see that anyone on the planet likes that sort of thing. I just want to buy the game and play it – I don’t want to have to give the company my email address and receive newsletters or anything like that.

Those are my two biggest criticisms: ambiguity around saving and UPlay. My only other real criticism is the subject matter feels – I don’t know – unsavoury. The sorts of insurgencies exist all over the world in real life, and they’re never black and white. The game depicts you fighting for the good guys against the evil despot. In real life, the insurgencies are often as bad as the government, overthrowing one despot and replacing him with another. I don’t need complex geopolitics in my video games, but this feels overly simplistic.

Furthermore, you play an American heading to his parents country (his father starts the insurgency campaign and then buggers off to the States to raise his family – smooth). You’re there on a mission to scatter some ashes before you’re plunged into the civil war, joining the ‘good guys’ immediately with no questions. You’re hailed as a saviour of the people and everyone loves you and it’s all very nice. This is a common theme in a lot of western media – the people can’t help themselves until the American comes along and sides with them, showing them the way and saving the day. It’s a trope that needs to die a death.

The set up of the story is stupid and makes no sense whatsoever. It would have made a whole load more sense if you were actually a national of the country fighting in the war, or perhaps a refugee whose decided to return. This could have lent itself to some powerful social commentary – a missed opportunity.

If you can forget about the ridiculous set up, the story itself is good so far.

Overall, a good game. It’s far from perfect, but it feels like the sort of game that’s fun to kill a bit of time with. I can’t see myself getting super-immersed in it like I did with, say, the Fallout games, but exploring the world is a good way to relax in the evenings. If you are looking at buying it, I would watch this video: How to get sims 4 free !

ARK- STEAM – How to get it for free

Ark is a great game and i’ve been playing it on xbox since early development. I have only just switched to pc and yet my experiences haven’t changed. The concept of ark is a great one because it isn’t just another survival game. It is a new fresh experience to anyone who is willing to try it. The rinse and repeat process of ark makes it a very fun concept ,although this concept applies to more games than just ark. It involves the rinse and repeat cycle that i admire it means you can never be too good. And the dlc that this game offers isn’t just a new map its a whole new experience for example Scorched Earth has many new aspects that if you don’t learn means that you will be in trouble. These would include the fact of electric storms that could hit and leave you defenseless if your not prepared and there are ways to work around it. And i haven’t even got into abberation. Although this is a awesome game that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its flaws one such being the transfer system although i like the fact of transferring characters the idea of transferring items and animals is flawed and many have taken advantage of that and are alphas on not just one but probably 2 or 3 servers. But there is a work around cause of the fact that you can play servers made by the community and most of the times there will be a fair system. This is not even mentioning the fact that this game can be played on pve for a more friendly community or the fact that you can have mods to make single player a fun experience and then there is primitive plus which gets rid of the use of high tech weapons. And although this game can be harsh it just adds to the experience cause if you got to be the best straight away it wouldn’t make a fun experience. Overall i would recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played it and if not watch some videos before starting the game. If do look at buying ark on steam, i would first check out this video on ark free 2018.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 free [SWBF2 FREE!]

Set out on an interminable Star Wars™ activity encounter from the top rated Star Wars HD videogame establishment ever.

Hurry through floods of foes on Starkiller Base with the energy of your lightsaber in your grasp. Tempest through the wilderness shelter of a shrouded Rebel base on Yavin 4 with your kindred troopers, administering capability from AT-STs. Line up your X-wing squadron for an assault on a mammoth First Order Star Destroyer in space. Or on the other hand ascend as another Star Wars saint – Iden, a tip top Imperial extraordinary powers trooper – and find an enthusiastic and holding single-player story spreading over thirty years.

Experience rich and living Star Wars multiplayer battlegrounds over each of the three times: prequel, exemplary, and new set of three. Tweak and redesign your saints, starfighters, or troopers, each with special capacities to abuse in fight. Ride tauntauns or take control of tanks and speeders. Down Star Destroyers the span of urban communities, utilize the Force to demonstrate your value against famous characters, for example, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, or Han Solo, as you have an influence in a gaming background motivated by 40 years of ageless Star Wars films.

You can turn into the ace of your own Star Wars saint’s excursion.

A New Hero, a Story Untold

Hop into the boots of a first class exceptional powers officer, similarly deadly on the ground and space, in a sincerely grasping new Star Wars™ crusade that ranges more than 30 years and extensions occasions between the movies’ Star Wars™: Return of the Jedi™ and Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.

The Ultimate Star Wars Battleground

A Star Wars multiplayer universe unmatched in assortment and expansiveness where up to 40 players battle as notable saints, valid to-time troopers and in a huge cluster of vehicles ashore and noticeable all around – as fight seethes through the world.

Galactic-Scale Space Combat

Space battle has been intended for Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II from the beginning with unmistakable dealing with, weapons and customization alternatives. Join your squadron and weave in the middle of space rocks fields, fly through Imperial Dock Yards and bring down huge capital ships as you pilot incredible starfighters in high stakes dogfights with up to 24 players and 40 AI ships.

Better Together

Collaborate with a companion from the solace of your love seat with two-player disconnected split-screen play*. Win rewards, redo your troopers and saints, and expedite your overhauls with you the online multiplayer battleground.

Ace Your Hero

Not only a notorious saint your legend. Ace your art with adjustable character movement. Prepare capacity modifiers, special to every saint, trooper class, and starfighter. Utilize these capacity modifiers to adjust and alter your character’s center forces, either as deadly dynamic consequences for your rivals, supportive status helps, or strategic help, to counter any rival on the battlefront.