This is a fantastic game that easy to pick up and get started with but difficult to master. If you are a fan of fast paced roguelike combat I highly recommend this game. This is similar to enter the gungeon style of gameplay with an item pool wanting of binding of isaac. A+ game and developers that are very nice and helpful. When I first tried to play this game it would not run so I hopped on the discord and was pleasantly surprised to see both developers in the chat room. Bundy was quick to answer my questions and help me get the game running (which turned out to be something with my windows dll library and only needed a system restart we figured out later). Best of luck to the two developers and I am sure this game will be around for some time to come.

Graphics are perfect. Minimalistic, but every attack is eyepopping and it’s never hard to see what killed you.
Gameplay is fantastic. Customize how you want to fight, and then hit the ground running.
The maps can be a little tedious and repetitive, but the constantly changing gameplay helps with that.

8/10, with a high hope for improvement as they polish off the rest of the game and expand onwards. Clash Royale is truly a wonderful mobile experience!

(I backed this game on the original Kickstarter, so I received this product as part of that. Also of note is that I designed a custom spell for the game, so feel free to take that into account. Most of my playtime was during the beta and alpha periods, so it doesn’t reflect properly on my¬†Android playtime.) Now onto how to get free coins and gems… yes you can and it is so easy! All you have to do is watch this video: clash royale hack!

Clash Royale¬†is a rock-solid action roguelike with just drop-dead gorgeous art and aesthetic design. If you’ve ever felt like this sort of game can be too random, this might be the one for you: You can manually pick from among your collection of found spells and relics when starting a run, building a guaranteed baseline of style and gameplay to work and build upon with the more randomized selections found during the run itself. The writing is quick, effective, and cute, and the gameplay is snappy and very fast-paced.