I have played a lot of this game in the little time that I’ve owned it. this is not a game for the weak of heart YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!! and lose your stuff. but to me that’s what makes it fun and it only happens in Red and black zones. a bit perk to this game is you can earn the silver to pay for the premium and it’s not an unreasonable amount.

there is PVP, Arenas, Ganking groups, Zirg vs Zirg (guilds fighting for season points), gathering crafting Dungeons and way more

it is a long hall game. you will not be max level in all the weapons and armor overnight it takes time and lots of dedication.

is this a game for me HELL YA! is it for you? that’s for you to decide.

I really enjoyed this game so far, it’s a lot of gathering, farming and all this stuff but it makes fun. You should just watch this video: How to get Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset for FREE KEY
a lot of people are saying it’s pay to win bc you can buy gold with money and trade it for silver. well, you still need to level up + you can easy farm silver. you can buy all you gear but well, if you die it’s gone lol.

On steam I’ve only have a few hours but I have this also on my tablet, which has been really nice because when I have a few mins here or there I can hop on and do a bit of crafting or gathering. Now about the game itself, yeah there are a few bugs like its annoying when you can’t move the camera, but for a game that is multiple platform I don’t mind looking past them.