Yes guys, Fortnite is online and working for android devices, simply follow this youtube videos guide, download the fortnite.apk and install. It really is that simple. Here is the video: fortnite apk

So some of you might be thinking, well like show us it? Guys, you just follow the video and you’ll get it, but I will do a review on it:


It’s alright, feels very smooth and art direction looks great.

The biggest problem is that the level design is pretty boring for the majority of the game, and right when it gets interesting with lots of jumppads and verticality the game just ends. The ending fight is pretty lackluster, and the story is barely passable overall.
About level design – it starts from locking you into big rooms where you kite in circles with various platforms, to bigger rooms where you kite in circles with multiple vertical platforms, to huge rooms with jumppads and lots of vertical platforms. Right when it gets interesting and different from “run around in a big circle” to “go fast and dodge everything with jumppads”, the game just ends.

Weapon variety is good but actual choice is not so good. Towards the end you will be using the super shotty and rockets about 99% of the time. The pistol, combat shotgun, pulse rifle, and machinegun quickly fall into uselessness despite their upgrades. Gauss rifle is alright but rockets can do the same thing without being zoomed all the time. Pistol is useless from the start and remains useless towards the end.

The multiplayer is quite bad – it’s literally CoD with create-a-classes and¬†building.¬†You move really slowly with no bhopping or whatever, pretty awful overall. At best there are jumppads and powerups that spawn on timers like Quake.

Overall it’s a somewhat fun mindless fun experience!