In today’s news, we found out that Epic have released codes for people on the older gen consoles to get a free code on their xbox 360 console. Simply follow this video tutorial and you will able to download the game for free! Youtube video: How to get fortnite on xbox 360

Here is my Fornite Xbox 360 Review:

This game used to be fun. When it first came out it was great for something that early in development, but the longer it’s released the worse it somehow gets. Stupid changes just keep happening over and over with every update.

Now you can’t even forge weapons anymore. You just have to hope for RNGeesus that you get a legendary on one of those chests. Instead of battling it out with people in forges to get your legendaries now you hide away in some corner and hunt for chests in some unnamed corner of the map.

They said they removed forging weapons because you get weapons faster than you collect armor so people die too fast.
Well whoop-de-doo guess who got 2 legendaries a minute after he dropped! IT WAS ME! God damn this isn’t even fair.

I’m so glad I was so bad when I first started¬†Fortnite because now I know where to find a¬† ton of chests that nobody ever goes to because it doesn’t have a forge anywhere near it. Now I can just collect legendary weapons all game.

10/10 great game