My Fortnite Review:

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Now onto the review….

I. Adore. This. Game.

This is one of the only Battle Roayless I’ve played in recent history in which I rarely felt like I couldn’t do or say exactly what I wanted in any given moment. Quests(from the battle pass) can be tranversed, subversed, or just flat-out ignored. There are multiple means to achieving your goals. In short, player freedom is abundant throughout.
Pacing of the game is great at best, decent at worst. The Origin characters, and, thus, your companions, fit your pretty typical Fantasy archetypes (gruff lone wolf mercenary, snobby exiled prince, raunchy pirate dwarf), but they never feel too wholly unoriginal. In fact, by the end I grew to like my little cast of mildly predictable misfits. Their individual quests also provide some extra motivation to continue, helping along with the general pace of things.
Fortnites, combat is fun, clever, and rewarding to master. Few things feel as good as properly changing up the terrain with a few spells or broken barrels then using the newly doused ground to trail a lightning spell to your enemies. The combat balance in the game isn’t always perfect, but it is good enough throughout most of it that the few unfairly difficult fights don’t overshadow the challenging but fun ones.
There’s not much to say about the music in the game. It’s magnificent, I love it, and I order the soundtrack on vinyl. So there.
I haven’t even dabbled in the Game Master mode or the various Workshop mods yet, but they look very promising and exciting. At the time of writing (June 2018), I have 128 hours or so played in the game. That was one playthrough and maybe 5 hours of my second. I am not at all concerned that this game was not worth the investment. On top of that,¬†Epic Games (the developer) is still supporting the game, working hard on the Definitive Edition of the game due out later this year (free of charge for players who already own the game). They clearly love Fortnite, and it’s apparent through all the work they do. So not only would you be getting a great game, but you’d be supporting a wonderful studio in the process. But hey, I’m not your boss ^.^;;