On steam, this is one of the highest value games. Buying Garry’s Mod isn’t just buying Gmod. You’re buying TTT, Prop Hunt, H&S, DarkRp, etc. It also helps that these game modes all have an insane amount of replay ability. It’s hard to be disappointed when there’s so much you can do!

Get M9K 4 weapon packs, get a gm_Bay map, have a nice PVP.
My close friend got 2 copies.
We didn’t build much, 90% of time we just were busy sniping, knifing, light-sabering each other.

I would definitely recommend Garry’s Mod for playing in coop as it’s fun to do weird stuff together, but it is good for solo gaming too. Building, killing, racind, bhop, pvp, different gamemodes and lots of maps, addons.
Been playing it for almost 6-8 years now, it will never get old.

Garry’s Mod is a good place to start with and it’s only 10$.
Developers, modders and Garry himself are doing a great job.
Can’t wait to see S&box (another Garry’s project, people call it Garry’s Mod 2).

Overall,┬áThis is an amazing game, if this never existed. Sandbox games would have gone extinct. Everyone saying that people are toxic and are the one fault with Garry’s Mod. Are people the game? No they play it. If you’re reviewing the game, Don’t complain about the people. Do you say “I don’t like real life because of people” No. And if you do your either really bad at trying to be that one funny edgy kid or you need help. I don’t know what this review has turned into…. I’m sorry… Buy this game, or get it for free off ryzatv… watch his video here: garrys mod free!