Street Fighter 30th Anniversary is a game with tremendous upside. I am probably about halfway through the main trajectory and highly motivated to continue on. Loving it, despite intermittent frustrations.


This game is what happens when Ark and The Witcher and Citadel all smash together. It is so rich. There is so much. Religion, crafting, race, slavery, beautiful open world with different friendly and unfriendly biomes and environments.

Bottom line: It is beautiful and there is a TON to do.

The world will surprise you at every turn, even after 50 hours of gameplay. There are secrets to discover everywhere.

First i want to say i love this game, i love the adventure. Being able to climb is the best, From scaling mountains to climbing atop an unknown temple and not knowing what you will find, and best of all doing it with friends. It was great. the NPC’s need work and some of the is broken (Rino’s) witch you can get stuck in and beat to death. And then there’s that worm boss that glitchs out and can’t be seen by the player and can get stuck in an animation and looks to be frozen in place but is still attacking you. That was my biggest problem really. I liked the small hints in the game to find treasure like gold stashed away in a chest. But that said I still love this game and really hope some of these problems will be fixed.


Buggy. Devs, seriously, devote some legitimate time to bug fixing, PLEASE. Things despawn, disappear, get lost in the geometry of the world, and, probably the most frustrating at all, 50% of the time when you die, you can’t see your body to reclaim your possessions when you come back. Highly inconvenient if not playing with someone who can locate it for you.

Grindy (and I am someone who doesn’t mind grind). SO much gathering –¬†Street Fighter 30th Anniversary is a good game i definitely overall recommend to buy it, or just watch this video and get it for free:¬†How to get Street Fighter 30th Anniversary for FREE

Ultimately, my best games have 300 hours in them. If I’m not hooked by about 8, I’m not going to be. I have about 50 in this game and expect to top out around 100. Well worth the purchase.