I know I can’t believe it. I am a diehard Fallout Fan… I absolutely love the series and love playing it. Today we just news that the beta for fallout 76 will be out soon. Well, it’s out now. Check this video and do what he says to get your free beta key:

Overall the game is more simplified and straightforward than it’s predecessors which makes it more welcoming to new fans but leaves it a little dissapointing to old ones. It’s still really fun and I recommend playing it all the way through at least once. assuming you value $1 for 1 hour of enjoyable gameplay, it’s totally worth it.
Pretty world that’s interesting to explore with amazing atmosphere. Really good soundtrack. Cool and diverse monsters and other enemies. Power armour feels SOOOOOO good, like seriously, it’s just awesome to walk around in that suit. The combat is way more fleshed out than previous fallout games (as it should be).
There is so much room for customization that it’s overwhelming. Literally, it’s overwhelming. It is especially overwhelming if you try to replay the game because you’re slapped in the face with the oppertunity to build an entire town right away and that’s just so much time and effort to invest into something that ultimately doesn’t matter for anything. Lacks the same fantasy aspects as previous Fallout games. The NPCs are stale and boring. Compared to previous games in the series this one lacks really meaningful conversations between characters. They pretty much pulled play style diversity out of the game entirely so everyquest comes down to “Go to X place and kill X person/people”. If you get a quest that doesn’t tell you to kill somebody, then you haven’t played that quest far enough yet. Unlike previous games you’re forced into a premade character and it feels like you are told that you have to be invested in the story even if you aren’t (which you probably won’t be).