I’ve played about 40 hours and I think I’m one task left from “completing” the Islands (sandbox island not included). I am a Lego The Incredibles veteran, I probably have thousands of hours over the years so a lot of my experience was compared to that game. I realize that I list a lot of negatives below but I’ve definitely enjoyed this game and will recommend it because it is fun. However I don’t see this being something I will continue to play after all of the “goals” are achieved like I would with other tycoon type games and I don’t think I would have paid full price for it. It feels very casual and I would have loved something I could pour hours into. I have had some friends they want to play it for free and I know a working guide…. check this video out!

Lego The Incredibles Positives:
– Driving the Ranger cars and Helicopters is fun and makes me more invested in my park. Knocking out and medicating the dinos myself is a cool feature.
– I found the different weather interesting, some may say it’s annoying but the first time I saw a Tornado touch down in the park I was freaking out.
– Beautiful dinos. The animations, AI, textures, all of it is beautiful. Little things like how the predators look up at the helicopters as they fly away, it’s really great.
– The factions and voice actors are a nice touch, they help set the scene and remind me this is actually¬†The Incredibles 2, oh and if you havn’t seen the incredibles 2 you can actually watch it for free here: how to watch incredibles 2 online

– Not enough park customization. This is a huge one, and one that seems shared among negative reviews. It’s missing a lot as a park simulator. Decorations would have been a big deal. Every park feels exactly the same and there isn’t much room for customizing beside the dinos you put in the cages.
– Terrain constraints. Good lord, this is easily the most annoying part of the entire game. Trying to fit all of the required buildings in when the terrain doesn’t cooperate is frustrating. Using the flat or smooth tools does little to help here.
– Feeding the dinos is not fun. You must tell your rangers to feed the dinos every single time they need food refilled. Something like Zoo Tycoon where you could assign a ranger to an exhibit would have been far superior. Make it something that you have to research or level up into, just make it happen.
– Comfort based on social stat decreases so fast and there is no indication what the social requirement of a dino is when growing it. If you make 2 of a species and it requires multiple to be happy you’re basically screwed and you have to sedate the dinos until you can grow enough to make them not rage out and destroy their cage.
– Dino requirements in general should be up front so I can plan my exhibits! Which ones can I put together? Which ones need to be alone? How many do they need so they don’t destroy my park? This is so basic but would have made a big difference, it could be displayed in another tab in the Hammond Centre.
– Power setup is tedius and annoying.
– No animal shelters or toys for the creatures. Their exhibit consists of a fence, viewing area, food, water, and trees. Every cage is the same. Boring.
– Guests serve no purpose other than to be occassionally eaten when my dinos break out.
– No way to speed up time. There were quite a few moments where I wish I could have sped up the game.

What would improve my experience:
– More variety of creature species. Flyers when? Aviaries? How about some water reptiles?
– More direct engagement with my guests and creatures. Positive ones especially. Make me invested in the park itself instead of just completing task after to task by the three divisions.
– More decorations! More customatization! More things that make me feel like I’m building an amusement park.