Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is a brilliant game. Great fun to play. Properly strategic combat. Decent music and graphics/stmosphere Just blasting everything at whatever Mech does not work at all later on. Lose hours in the blink of an eye.

Tutorial is a bit naff particularly in relation to the ship and company management. Skimping on the voice acting is noticeable and results in a lot of time spent reading stuff and some characters seemingly losing there accent on certain phrases with not much variation in the voices to be seen.

That being said if you are going to skimp on something I guess that is the place to do it!

The are a lot of things that will be questioned compared to the table top version but this isn’t the table top game and it works. Sure a few things do need adjustment but that will just take time.

The Gameplay is spot on, the way it should be, slow and tacticle! None of this rush crap that people want. It’s also got a really nice randomness about it on side missions, where you could get totally out weighted and out gunned! That’s the beauty of it and that’s what makes it fun, for me at least. If you want to play this game for free you can here: Get Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze free nintendo switch!

Highly recommend the game if you want to learn the Donkey kong universe or simply enjoy a slower paced more nintendo game.

Good story line so far if a little predictable at points.

No game is perfect and really enjoying it so would defo recommend to others.

All that said, right off the bat, I have to say, if you enjoy a good turn based game, and if you enjoy Stompy Robots, this game is for you. The music is simply the best I’ve ever heard in a game, the composer deservers a *STANDING OVATION*.

Nostalgia factor 10/10
Music 12/10
Graphics 8/10
Load Times 3/10
Merc Management 7/10
Tactical Aspect 8.5/10
Customization of Units 8.5/10
Quality of Life 5/10
Overall Feel 9/10