God of War is irritating. For every incredible idea or moment of true greatness there is a slog of trudging to a destination to kill 10 dudes or grab three packages. For every attempt at spinning a yarn about a crazy, Himalayan country where adventure and danger are around every corner there is some lame joke to make everyone and everything about the world seem stupid.

You’re gonna buy it anyway. The parts that are great, it nails, but this formula is degenerating despite a LOT of talent going into this to try to keep it on life support.

Make no mistake, people who disparage God of War as just a clone of 3 are right, and yet missing the point. There is a lot of fun here and a lot of honest, original improvements. But all of the most banal bits of God of War are most certainly here intact and in every excruciating detail.

EDIT: Also Amita vs Sabal is the easiest moral choice in the history of gaming. Sabal does literally nothing wrong all game.

Bland and uninspiring with a huge map with a bunch of diharrea collectibles everywhere. Feel no consequences or empathy as your american teen boi joins a civil war with nary and afterthought.

Great game with a decent backstory and a solid flow. If you’re familiar with the God of War series of games, you’ll be in familiar territory here. Very enjoyable. Fantastic easy to use UI, and game mechanics. The multiple takedowns are especially well done.  This game truly is good, if you want to support the developers you should buy the game, however you can get god of war for free by following this guys video on youtube!

I do have a few gripes, however. If the game is based in India, why do all the characters look chinese? Why are there so few Indian accents? It’s almost as though they reused assets from prior games. Definitely breaks the flow.
The side missions are a lot of fun, but I wish they had more of an impact on the overall game in terms of unlockables and support from the locals. Supply missions should give Golden Path members better weapons, and Pagan’s wrath and Royal Cargo missions should take away enemy weapons making them easier. Hunting and hostage rescue missions should increase the number of Golden Path on the map, and Assassination and Propaganda missions should decrease the number of enemies.

Similarly, there’s plenty of room for unlockable weapons through side missions. Many of the weapons unlock towards the very end of the game, decreasing their usefulness. And based on the sheer number of collectables, I think there should have been more development there. I also think there should have been some reward gear for fully unlocking all collectables of a certain type. Maybe an item or skill that automatically tags all enemies that shoot at you, or a reinforced body armor that takes double damage. If all animal challenges are completed, maybe a skill or item that nullifies eagle attacks, or makes all animals passive unless attacked first. Lots of room for innovation here that would incentivize collectables and challenges.