God deems this game glorious.
Thy will not wait for the sequel!
Thy will force the feeble peasants to labour on the sequel!
Both fun and boring in equal measure. I can’t believe the stuff it expects me to play/grind for too. I have to spend to respec my characters unless I buy a $10 DLC? For just jumping in and fighting, it’s not much fun for a novice either as everything is the special moves. You can’t button mash like at all.¬†Yakuza 6 just launched today and while I do like it, i think it could improve.

Yakuza 6 is one of the most engaging fighting game I’ve experienced in a while, which surprises me even more considering I had no interest in the game in the first place. At the time of this review I only have 8 hours played, but it’s been a fun ride.
If you liked the first yakuza’s, this one’s definitely a step up. Has a larger roster, the loot/inventory system felt weird at first, I didn’t like it considering you kind of have to mix and match gear that might not look well together, but the system’s grown on me. Overall, I’d definitely recommend the game. Maybe not at the current price, considering it’s a pretty steep one, but on sale it’s definitely worth it. This game is pretty cool. I’m a big fan of the original yakuza’s, and mortal kombat X, so I decided to pick this game up. The characters play really nice, the mother boxes (this game’s loot boxes) are fair, the gear system is a neat idea (although not taken advantage of fully), and the stages are pretty decent overall.¬†It’s a lot of fun to just do single-player. The multiplayer is pretty much dead… and local couch play is kind of out of the question since only one player will be able to use equipment. Plus, I don’t think NetherRealm is going to listen to us. It’s been this long and they’ve done nothing so… You should try this guys video…. he gets yakuza 6 free on ps4!

Give or take 8/10 if I gotta slap it on a scale.