I really enjoyed the game and gameplay – but ran into personal issues with the graphics.
The graphics are choppy, regardless of changing the in game settings, adjusting monitor and graphic card settings. I found myself a bit queasy while playing, which isn’t completely unusual for first person styled games. Unfortunately, I had to return the game because after 11 minutes I was extremely sick to my stomach. When you turn in game, even though you’ve stopped turning there’s a bit of lag, so the screen bounces a bit further and then back into position.

Minus my own, awful stomach – the story and mechanics itself were great. I think I’m just a rare being, where most first person games make me sick. I may consider purchasing this again if the graphics can be smoothed a bit more or if I can lower/dumb the graphics down even further.

So all your products come from Ikea your shower comes in peices you got to put together from scratch

Honestly¬†Save the World is everything I expected it to be. The building, demoing, paining, and cleaning. If there was one thing I would suggest is make it so throwing away the cans and stuff don’t go by clicking on them but instead pick it up and put it in a garbage bin. Great game overall, I really love the ability to build your house as an extra thing. This game is very satisfying.

I am taking a small break from this nice game to write a review. Knowing the developers I kind of knew what to expect but… it is not what I expected. In a good way.
I just passed a few missions, you get to do things like taking out trash, painting walls, cleaning windows, repairing electrical sockets, installing radiators, sinks, appliances. Very interesting and if you are a man of the house it also can be relaxing in some fashion.
Cons of this game. Hard to tell now but as every simulator game I predict it will get repetitive. So should you buy it? Well you can just get it for free: stw fortnite free

I decided to write the review a bit early as I was completely blown off by the realism of one mission – Student house cleanup. I have seen student flats before and I have students living in the house opposite mine. I am now seriously thinking if they took inspiration there or not? I would not be surprised if they did.