Has alot of potential despite being a battle royale only game. Yet the class system, mounts, and extra chance to survive being downed instead of dying on the spot from running out of time or just instant death. Not to mention alot more balanced than Fortnite or PUBG. Needs work though the rng system is what kills it a bit from forging. Ok so yes you can get the omen skin and oracle pickaxe for free on fortnite! Just watch this youtube video from frank he explains it: How To Get Omen Skin FREE

This game is unique enough from fortnite to actually be fun. The skills and crafting adds a good deal of interactivity that fortnite lacks. Also, watching your friends run away as chickens is hilarious and feels involving. There are still a ton of bugs and balance issues but If you are burnt out of assnite and want to play a similar game, then I highly recommend this bad boi.
Wasn’t too enthusiastic at first for another Fortnite clone, but I definitely prefer this one to it. The classes offer plenty of variety and the weapons are diverse and all fun to mess around with. Definitely recommend.
Strongly recommend this game! Similar to Fortnite in style and function, but with some new perks!

I love the class system, gives you some individuality within the different moves you’re provided. Each has its benefits I love them all.

Loot is plentiful! I never feel like I simply just don’t have a fighting chance as I’ve felt in pubg and fortnite at times.

Turning into a chicken for 30sec instead of crawling uselessly on the ground until your eventual demise is a great perk!

Landing on the ground without waiting for a parachute to painfully drop you daintily to the ground is a plus as well.

I hate this game.
It is absolutely horrible.
It takes zero skill and the classes idea was a stupid idea.
The armor in the game makes no sense cause people can kill you in 3 hits so armor doesn’t matter.
The aiming in the game seems a tad off and the weapons dont really help.
This game is just a horrible knock off of Fortnite and PUBG.
If you want skill go play PUBG and if you want casual fun play Fortnite.
also the chicken idea is really insulting to the player, the whole chicken idea should be fixed so your friends can pick you up or lower the timer cause most of the time people will dash to you and kill you.