Fortnite just announced the new¬†Pterodactyl Glider today, and for a limited time it will be available in the item store for purchase at 1,200 vbucks. Which is great, don’t get me wrong…. But what if I told you could get it for free? This video: Fortnite¬†Pterodactyl shows you how to get the new glider for free, it connects to your epic games account and generates you the SKIN! Take a look below if you want to watch it now:

Oh and yes I can confirm it does in fact work. Make sure to watch the entire video and follow Frank’s steps! As for the glider. It’s awesome, it’s orange in colour with a cartoony looking eyes that resembles the other dinosaur skins in fortnite! It also plays a new sound when opening! OH AND LETS NOT FORGET!!!!!! IT USES ITS WINGS WHEN YOU FLY AROUND! Take a look!

pterodactyl glider

It really is a cool skin.