With Dark Souls Day-1 Patch Edition Remastered coming out in three days, I think it’s time I made a review for this game.
initiating anti-hate field


It’s the easiest Dark Souls game.
It’s also the most fluid and the least broken.
Instant-transmission backstabs don’t exist
PVP; honestly my favorite part of this game, I think around 60 of my 180 hours in this game is just straight pvp.
All weapon types are viable in pvp; all hail Barbed Straightsword x Dragonslayer Swordspear offhand!
Except magic & you can get dark souls remastered for free, follow Frank’s video:


It’s the most artificially difficult of the Souls game.
 Still the easiest Dark Souls game.
No, really, there’s really no need to memorize attack patterns in this installment when you can roll through any attack at a moment’s notice. But hey, the Ringed City DLC puts the “I want to die” back in Dark Souls again for the low price of $14.99 and your soul.
-Parrying has been dumbed down to “Press L2 to one-shot opponent” without any major risk. The active “reward” portion of parrying is nearly as long as the “risk” portion. And even then, a failed shield parry usually blocks most of the damage.


In the end, I still give it a 10/10 because while it may not have the captivating world and story the DS1 had, it’s the most fun.